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live discounts for shoppers

for High Streets, Town Centres and Shopping Centres retailers.
Upselling and Cross-sell your products and services in real time with Live Discount!


Introducing the Shoppers Discount Club

We all like a deal, this is why millions have flocked to wowcher and groupon. However the deals are often good for the consumer but not the provider/supplier. With the Shoppers Discount Club the retailer dictates a discount that is financially viable.

live discounts for shoppers

Collaborations & Sponsorship Opportunity

We can provide a service to banks, advertising agencies, insurance companies, local authorities or membership organisations who want to sponsor supporting businesses market their servicesBusinesses everywhere is in need of constructive customer acquisition support which in turn will help their businesses flourish in this current climate.

Membership & Groups

We can help Membership organisations integrate A.I technology to add value, scalability with an opportunity to expand their offerings to members or groups.


How Retailers can Benefit

Almost everyone has a mobile phone. Most restaurants offer table top QR code ordering so, a lot of people have become use to using QR codes. The Shoppers Discount Club has made it easy for the retailers and shoppers to utilise and enjoy live discounts in real time.


Ushering in Artificial Intelligent Conversational Chatbots to Promote Retailer's instantly redeemable offers during live Shopping on the High Street and Shopping centres to boost customer satisfaction.


Under performing products or services can be easily spotlighted.
or great deal products can be show cased


Security & Compliance

Our app is not designed to generate spam but mainly to deliver information and offer secure and private information and links directly to the user with a set of options as to what they want to achieve.


How Shoppers redeem voucher

Millions are spent each year sponsoring sporting activities around the globe.
The Shoppers Discount Club is not only disruptive technology and a game changer for businesses, but will add value to large organisations status and credibility in supporting SME whilst inspiring and championing new technology to help them grow their businesses.


Integration & Payment Gateway

We have not reinvented the wheel. We have simple chosen to integrate with a proven, secure and reliable payment gateway provider Square.


We are Hiring Sales Executives

Sales Executive vacancy shoppers discount club

Looking for a new career? Want a new opportunity in a untapped market with uncapped earning? Then take a look at this job


Luxury Brands can use Shoppers Discount

We invite you to experience a couple of our clients shoppersdiscount.club chatbot app. Just type 'visitor' if you don't want to give your name.
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The Retailers Ultimate Guide to launching SDC App

With the massive increase in people using there mobile phones to connect, with so many platforms it is easy to miss an enquiry. Your personal P.A can help streamline communications.

shoppers redeem instantly at the till


No need to print endless paper or card vouchers, design membership cards, run expensive newspaper ads, the shoppers discount club is a annual service with various updating offers.

How to Join us

We will show you how to start offering instant live discount to students, traders, residents, government workers all year round.It's easy to start the process, just click the link below.


What else can our Chatbot do?


About the Founder

live discounts for shoppers

Diane Shawe M.Ed is the founder of Virtual Speedy Services Ltd. She set it up during the pandemic with the aim of supporting businesses that needed a quick turnaround such as business plans, raising finance or marketing there business.She came up with the idea as an established business on the High Street and realised that they has a problem that needed to be solved.After a significant period of closures during lockdowns, with many customers opting for online retailers to meet their needs, retailers have struggled to incentivise those shoppers back in-store. The app provides bespoke, QR codes and POS material for shoppers to display in their store fronts.These QR codes host live discounts which shoppers can redeem in-store and are fully-customisable to retailers, allowing them to discount certain products to yield increased profits and footfall.By utilising QR code technology, Shoppers Discount Club is leveraging the tool which became popular during the pandemic, used by thousands of bars and restaurants to facilitate contactless payments.Diane Shawe, founder of Shoppers Discount Club said: ‘The pandemic was a tough time for so many retailers, with less footfall on the high street and long period of closures. Inspired by the use of QR code technology in the hospitality sector, we set out to deliver a benefit to retailers using the same technology people had become so accustomed to. I’m delighted to bring my background in technology and retail together to be able to offer retailers something which will truly make a difference and provide the much needed solution stores need to increase footfall again.”

Retailers fighting back


Want to action


We want to work with organisations that can help support businesses to attract more footfall or clients. Contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting with one our Sales Executives or receive an information pack.


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Shopper Discount Club Pricing
Why the Shoppers Discount Club Gets you more customers


Get Started with our Standard Package £130.00

Want to get started with presenting your live discount on your shop front? Then apply and pay and we will rush you your window sticker, create your offerr so you can start offering live discounts in real time

live discounts for shoppers
  • + Personalised Shoppers Discount Club URL

  • + Design Discount SDC Chatbot

  • + Supply A3 window Poster

  • + Supply bespoke QR code

  • + One off annual payment

  • + Ability to update offers

  • + Monthly redeem Report

live discounts for shoppers
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